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ZagNut asked me to post some info on the batteries and juice I use.

The SmokeTip batteries use a type KR808D-1 (aka 808) connector. The 808 is one of the more popular (thankfully) types of e-cigarettes; plenty of interchangeable accessories and mods for it are available from many dealers. (See previous post for info on the 808-compatible iGo and Buzz mods I am considering.)

All of the SmokeTip batteries I own (five of them!) have one problem or another. The short ones tend to not make a good connection to the cartomizer or charger. There’s a video on how to fix that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJfdyUKUQt4. The video refers to the Vapor4Life battery, but I assume they have the same manufacturer since they have the exact same problem as the SmokeTip. The long SmokeTip battery has a funky suck-sensor; tapping on my desk or removing the carto and sucking real hard on the end seems to temporarily fix it. Though SmokeTip has a lifetime battery warranty, I plan to just let them expire and replace them with more reliable batteries and mods. Today, SmokeTip sent out an email saying they’ve upgraded their short batteries; however, you need to buy a new charger (they don’t explain why) so I am just forgetting them.

To their credit, SmokeTip does sell decent prefilled cartomizers at a great price; if they have a coupon I’ll probably buy some more.

The two “good” batteries I have, I purchased here: VaporKings KR808D-1 batteries. Mine are the “manual, mega” type. Manual as in button-activated instead of suck-on-it activated, and mega as in larger capacity between recharges. There are plenty of other accessories for this e-cig type on the site, so shop around.

In my opinion, honestly, if you need seven batteries, it’s more cost-effective to just get a mod and keep the original batteries as backups. Again, see previous post on the mods I’m considering.

Regarding backups, it’s important to have them. At least a spare charger and some batteries. If you make the switch completely from “analogs” and your two starter batteries both die or your charger melts, you’re screwed until you can order replacements. As far as I know there aren’t any local shops that sell these.

There is another type of e-cigarette that is mostly compatible with the KR808D-1: the DSE901. The only real difference is, the 808 has air holes in the battery’s connector so that cartomizers can be used. The 901 is designed to be used with a separate atomizer with its own air hole and a detachable cartridge to hold e-liquid. Regular 901 atomizers and cartridges work fine with 808 batteries. This is great because you can buy a cheap 901 atomizer and investigate “direct dripping” — dripping juice right on the atomizer and puffing on it. A great way to try new flavors (or a friend’s flavors) without filling up a carto. 808 cartomizers will need an adapter (to add the air holes) to work on 901 batteries. Other 901 accessories may work with the 808 batteries too, and vice versa. I’ve used my SmokeTip charger to recharge a friend’s 901’s before, and that worked fine.

Cartomizers can be cleaned and refilled, and blank cartomizers (rather than pre-filled) can be purchased. There are plenty of videos on YouTube detailing how to accomplish cleaning and refilling, how much juice to use, etc. Generally I don’t clean them unless they’re needed (e.g., they don’t give good vapor or I am making a radical flavor change). Always remove the carto from the battery before refilling, as juice in your battery can damage it (especially the auto batteries’ pressure sensor — I suspect that’s what happened to my “long” SmokeTip.)

Be careful not to burn your cartomizers. If not before, the instant it starts giving off inadequate vapor or the flavor starts to taste “off,” stop using it if you intend to refill it. If you’re at home, top them off every 30-40 puffs. If you get a burnt or plastickey taste, toss it — it’ll never be good. Eventually they will die (stop giving good vapor regardless of how much cleaning and refilling you do), and nobody knows when their time will come, but I have a few great cartomizers that have lasted me weeks of regular use.

As I said in my previous post, my e-juice supplier of choice is Sweet-Vapes. The dash is important. There is another supplier out there called SweetVapes that I know nothing about. Sweet-Vapes is pricier than some, but I have loved 9/10 flavors I’ve tried from them. And they sell sample packs so you can try tiny bottles to see if you like the flavor. They’ll mix to order.

Regarding mixes: PG = Propylene Glycol, carries flavor and is thin. VG = Vegetable Glycerine, makes puffy clouds and is thick. Nicotine is nicotine. 18mg/mL is enough for me; though higher strengths would give more “throat hit” and a faster “high”. If you just want to sit at home and vape your head off, use weaker nicotine strengths or no-nic or you’ll get sick. I recommend 80% PG and 20% VG mixes for cartomizers. 70/30 works well, too; bigger clouds, but it’s thicker, and the cartomizer will need some rest time in between puffs to let wicking happen. For “stealth-vaping” I’d use 100% PG mixes, since it gives almost no visible vapor on exhale.

Other popular types of e-cigs are the Joye 510, the Joye eGo, and their clones. Lots of third party accessories for them, too. They aren’t directly compatible with the 808, but can be made interchangeable with a couple of (cheap) adapters. I encourage you to read the e-cigarette-forum.com New Members area; it’s chock full of useful info.

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