Lego Project Too

Posted by aloysius on September 17th, 2011 filed in Lego

Since Megan’s getting all her Lego out of storage, I decided to, also! Most of them were in my dad’s storage locker, gathering dust over the past few decades. I think they must have been cat peed-on at some point, because they stank. (Cat pee, decades later, turns to yellow powder, but still smells like cat pee.) My sister told me that Mom was going to throw them all away, but Sis told her not to, so she washed them. However, I guess they didn’t really get clean. So into the blue tub they all went, with copious amounts of dish detergent, cat pee destinker, and hot water.

lego wash

After that, I piled them all on towels to dry out. My parents must’ve really loved Sis and me to buy all those Lego sets. I’m sure that isn’t even all of them, because the big space tiles, most of the Lego Technical blocks, and the Lego Monorail set are conspicuously missing!

lego pile

Hopefully we can have fun with them tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Lego Project Too”

  1. Ms Danger Says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of Lego!

  2. Youjane Says:

    Oh no! Monorail is MIA!

    I love the trips down memory lane pulling out old toys brings.

  3. aloysius Says:

    I could just buy a new Monorail set. If I had money to burn!

  4. Ms Danger Says:

    Now I have the Simpsons monorail song stuck in my head.

  5. Ron! Says:

    Hot water + a little bleach cleans legos right up. Also I see BLACKTRON! if I am not mistaken that part was from one if my favorite sets: the walker.

  6. Drew Says:

    You don’t have to be made of money, just have to know the right place to look. This is the collector-selling-to-collector site for Lego where you can get that monorail for $190. Still not cheap, though: